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Partial or total projects of Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping with Class, Quality and with a taste of detail.

Each project emanates from a dream. Make it happen with us.

At Accento, we work with more than 500,000 design products, kitchens and bathrooms, both classic and modern, high quality cabinets, luxury furniture, with the best international design brands. We carry out whole reforms or partial renovations in Barcelona  and all Catalunya. 

We are official distributors of the SCAVOLINI  brand in Catalunya  since 1996, with an excellent list of kitchen furniture , bathroom, day room, furniture and cabinets. We are references of Kitchens  in Barcelona, with furniture of up to 35 different models and more than 675 different finishes, starting with the melamine and ending with the leather doors or Golden Paper. 

We have all kinds of modern or classic furniture, indoor or outdoor, accessories and elements that adapt to all styles and needs.

We carry out interior design projects and partial or total decoration in any environment with any style you wish, or we can supply products to you individually.

We offer our services to architects, interior designers, companies and individuals. We have a solid structure and formed by a highly qualified team of interior designers near you throughout the process and detail lovers.

Contact us in our store in interior design and decoration, where you can enjoy the quality of our kitchens, bathrooms, furniture or accessories, in Barcelona.

We will be happy to assist you.

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Testimonies of Integral Reforms and Kitchens BARCELONA & GIRONA

Thanks to Accento Scavolini BCN when we returned from the honeymoon we already had the floor ready to move into. Everything as they had told us. We are very happy and the treatment was exquisite. A 10 out of 10.

Marta & CarlesBarcelona

From the first moment, they were sincere, clear and transparent. They captured perfectly what my idea was and they shaped it to perfection. I recommend them with confidence.

Joan CapdevilaSant Cugat del Vallès

We contacted them for the design of our Loft. Our friends did not believe the change, the floor has won 1000 per thousand.

Carla & Angelo Barcelona

All the projects that Accento Scavolini Bcn has carried out at home, have been exceptional. We started with the bathroom, and we were really surprised at how well organized everything was, in a week we had a new bathroom. The next reform was the kitchen, and there we noticed that they are professional people. Starting with the design, the proposals of distributions and finishes, they really hit everything. They are very detailed and at all times they treated us with a lot of affection. You can tell they like what they do. Thank you very much Carmen and Oriol.

Família BernatGirona

Reforms Kitchens Barcelona and Girona Italian: classic, modern and rustic

If something defines the Italian kitchens, their balance when it comes to combining aesthetics, quality and functionality. Their careful designs, the quality of materials and their dedication to detail, make the most desired.

Those are some of the reasons why Italian kitchens have been creating trends for so long. And it is not only about offering tailored kitchens, but to combine environments, and creating the most desired atmosphere of our home, creating simple, beautiful and useful spaces, retro, eclectic, industrial or even minimalist environments.

The Italian kitchens are elegant, open or closed, made of wood, glass, lacquered or leather, which optimize the design sense and take advantage of each space, with proposals that never go out of style. These are the reasons that have led the best interior designers around the world to surrender to Italian kitchens, both in its classic version, as in its modern, rustic, Nordic, industrial, eclectic or minimalist styles.

Kitchen Reforms at Barcelona: the types of Italian kitchens

Italian design is a reference worldwide in sectors such as fashion, accessories or automotive. It is also in the world of kitchens and gastronomy. The clairvoyance of designs that combine breakthrough aesthetic lines with cutting-edge technology and the latest in space and accessory optimization, make transalpine style kitchens unique and unbeatable spaces in each and every one of their different versions.

Classic Italian kitchens

The classic Italian kitchens express as none, sophistication and tradition, uniting in the same environment the warmest of the old and the most contemporary. The light or tinted woods, the harmonic shapes and the detailed finishes make these spaces in places to enjoy long hours in the company of our Family is a beautiful memory in our memories.

Within the classic Italian kitchens we find the always valid wooden kitchens inspired by the kitchens of yesteryear, always based on noble materials. The fusion of the designs that evoke tradition with the latest in technical solutions transports us to the past, yes, without losing even a hint of comfort from the present.

Modern Italian kitchens

To speak of modern Italian kitchens is to do it with fine designs, avant-garde materials, striking decorations and all kinds of creative proposals focused on providing an extra to the functionality of each environment. The personality remains imprinted in each of the corners of the sets that make up our projects.

The latest trend in Italian kitchens creative style are kitchens with very different areas, to clean, to cook, to prepare … And where we find every corner of the kitchen fully equipped, even with islands and peninsulas in which to work and enjoy the time dedicated to our gastronomic passion.

The use of maximum quality in all materials, the love and care of the finishes and the quality requirement, together with the avant-garde and conjunction of technological elements, make these kitchens simply and delicately spectacular

Rustic Italian kitchens

If there is anything that characterizes the Italian kitchens of rustic style we should refer to the presence of woods, ceramics, solid stones and marbles, typical of rural areas. These ingredients of nature are integrated into a unique style that transports us to the time when kitchens were the central department of the home.

The use of soft colored woods, rustic countertops, warm ceramics, turned decorative pieces, spacious cabinets with custom motifs and fireplaces manage to generate overwhelmingly welcoming environments.


Reforms of kitchens in Barcelona & Gerona

Scavolini Cocinas de lujo con diseño

If there is a room that defines the rest of the house, that is the kitchen. That is the reason why this cabin is the first to be reformed in search of achieving an attractive and functional space.

Being one of the companies with the most experience in the sector in Barcelona, ​​in Accento we carry out very striking works, both for their designs , with central kitchens, islands, peninsulas, kitchens integrated in the living room, adaptable or in small spaces, as for the variety of styles with which they work.

However, if there is something that characterizes the Accento kitchen reforms, that is their ability to transform the ideas of the owners in the perfect kitchen for each case, always showing a special care for the finishes, this being the other great hallmark of the house.

And, when reforming a kitchen in Barcelona, ​​where often the space is smaller than what you would like, you must have a reputed company creating unique spaces, adapted to the preferences and needs of those who will be its users, adapting always in the space available in each home.

In search of that design kitchen, comfortable and the latest in technology, the first thing to do is a visit to see first hand the space available, the ideas of the owners and what you want to achieve. That’s when, meter by hand, you start designing the new kitchen, always in the hands of the client, noting all the details that can not be missing in your renovated kitchen.

All the necessary information has been collected, including furniture and materials, it will be the moment to get up to speed by developing a project that we will show you using the new technologies. It is in this phase where the client already sees what his new kitchen will be like.

It is, then, the moment to specify a date for the start of the work, by the hand of a team of highly qualified professionals, who will try to achieve the reform your dreams in the shortest possible time, without detriment to the finishes, since these are our brand.

Reforms of kitchens with the maximum design and the best price

Specialized both in the design, as in the assembly of modern and functional kitchens, in Accento we carry out reforms for both individuals and real estate, both within the city of Barcelona, ​​and in the rest of its province, reaching all adjoining counties.

If you are looking to totally or partially reform your kitchen in search of a facelift or new features and you want to get the best result without having to spend a single €uro more, do not hesitate and contact our customer service team through e any of the contact formulas you will find on our website.

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