Accento Investments is the real estate investment vehicle constituted by our firm Accento Real Estate Investments; which is open to all those investors who wish to obtain attractive returns by investing in a diversified way in the real estate market of Barcelona and its metropolitan area, characterized by its great dynamism.

How does it work?

Our group, as a good connoisseur of the real estate field of Barcelona and its periphery, has access to reserved information regarding future real estate transactions (especially housing) that need a comprehensive reform for their successful commercialization.

Our formula consists in acquiring good assets, at reasonable prices that by incorporating our expertise in rehabilitation, we can obtain a property suitable for sale, in the shortest possible time. It’s that simple and that transparent. So that investors who wish to participate in the returns obtained through this activity of purchase, reform and sale, delegating the management of the entire investment and marketing process, in our Accento Investments badge.

How are investment projects selected?

Absolutely all asset purchase opportunities are evaluated by our analysis department, subjecting them to a rigorous technical, legal and commercial Due Diligence process; in such a way that only those projects that pass the demanding viability test are finally proposed to the Investment Committee for resolution.

Why invest through Accento Investors?

By investing together with us, in the different real estate investment projects proposed, you can access a universe of tangible assets characterized by:

  • An attractive profitability
  • A moderate investment: from € 25,000
  • With the possibility of participating in several projects in a diversified way
  • Quick rotation: average duration of 6-month projects

Accento Investments obviously cannot guarantee or guarantee a minimum or concrete return. However, the management team that forms Accento Investments commits to invest a minimum of 10% in each investment project, under the same conditions as the investors.

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