The Appliances in the Kitchen

In the market there are many brands of home appliances, they all have their qualities and guarantees. As with brands, there are also many types of appliances that can be found in a kitchen. Accento Scavolini Bcn shows you what they are and how to choose the most suitable appliances for your kitchen.


Induction, vitro, gas … every type of kitchen has its followers. Keep in mind that what we call “traditional” does not have to be outdated or rudimentary; Nowadays, all systems incorporate surprising innovations that make them more comfortable and safe.

In short, choosing a type of plate or another is a matter of everyday needs, cooking styles … and tastes of the cook!

1. Gas Plates.

The current options of gas cooking will surprise you for its functionality, safety and design. Three concepts that we did not associate with this “lifelong” system.

As an added value, some gas plates incorporate powerful wok burners, which allow to regulate the intensity of the fire to cook efficiently and quickly, from a sauce or chocolate to a grilled meat.

2. VitroCeramics.

It spends more energy than induction, but it allows to take advantage of the residual heat once the focus is off, either to continue cooking or to keep the food hot.

Glass ceramic hobs have become a safe bet to gain comfort nowadays, since, in addition to all the above, they incorporate a wide variety of functions such as cooking time programming in each zone.

3. Induction.

The container is heated directly on an induction plate, not the glass. Little residual heat is generated and it disappears quickly after turning off the plate.

In addition, functions such as oil temperature control allow you to enter the food at the optimum temperature, for a healthier kitchen.

4. Teppan Yaki.

Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese food dish that uses a steel plate to cook food. The most popular form of teppanyaki in the West consists of meat, and other elements accompanied by vegetables. The most common ingredients in teppanyaki are beef, milanesa, lobster, chicken and various vegetables and are cooked using soy sauce.

5. Grill.

In the same way that we find plates, vitros, and induction, we also find grills or electric grills to cook as in a BBQ in the field. Cook healthier since the fat is filtered and collected in a lower tray.

6a. Mixed plate.

The perfect integration to your kitchen comes with the mixed plates. Combine them to your liking by choosing between: Induction, gas plate, ceramic hob, barbecue, grill or TeppanYaki. An ideal option if your kitchen is small, if you are undecided or if you love innovating with different techniques.

6a. Plate with Hood.

Induction plates with fully integrated suction system. The central fan is a true bell that guarantees very high performance in terms of aspiration, silence and energy efficiency.

7. Fryer.

The integrated fryers in the kitchen, also have a space … or not, if yours are not the “fried”.

8. Oven.

Of ovens there are many and many brand, pyrolytic or not, with double door, side door, with grill, with fan or without … It is a matter of ovens … And in Accento we have almost all, ask us and we will solve the doubts .

9. Steam Oven.

Steam ovens allow to preserve the properties, vitamins and minerals of our dishes. They manage not to alter the nutritious substances and this facilitates our digestion. Flavor? Steam cooking retains moisture, so the flavor and original texture of the food is maintained. These are the ovens with which the level restaurants work, but of domestic size.

10. Microwave.

The microwaves, works by generating electromagnetic waves in the frequency of the microwaves, around 2.45 GHz. There are with grill and without grill.

11. Integrated Coffee Machines.

The coffee machines integrated into the kitchens have more and more followers. With them, you can prepare all kinds of coffees, they do almost everything.


1. Ceiling Hood.

2. Decorative Hood.

3. Island Hood.

4. Telescopic Hood.

5. Countertop Hood.

6. Plate with Hood.

Induction plates with fully integrated suction system. The central fan is a true bell that guarantees very high performance in terms of aspiration, silence and energy efficiency.

Food Conservation

1a. Refrigerator.

The choice of the refrigerator is an essential decision when it comes to equipping the kitchen. How to clear up in the middle of a jungle of offers and characteristics? Our experts help you to keep things clearer. The single-body refrigerator is a very interesting option if you are not going to work with frozen ones, gaining in optimization and space.

1 B. Integrated refrigerator.

The integrated refrigerator has the virtue of being hidden from the kitchen design hand. This is the best option if you want to have the kitchen with balanced lines and aesthetically clean appliances.

2. Freezer.

The freezer can be integrated or not, it is also on the market as an independent piece. It can be attached to the refrigerator and create a side-by-side or simply separate them as in the photo.

3. Combi.

The refrigerator of all life, freezer in the bottom and refrigerator in the top. All in a single space.

4. American Fridge.

Evolution of the Combi, for those who have a little more space, a freezer on the side a little smaller and a generous refrigerator, all with different machinery and engines, but in a single body.

5. Side by Side.

Finally, for those who do not have any problem of space, a freezer and a refrigerator independent, all in two bodies.

6. Winery.


1. Dishwasher

2. Integrated washing machine.

3. Integrated dryer.

4. Washer-Dryer.

5. Osmosis equipment.

6. Food Crusher..

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