5 ideas to reform a loft

1. Take advantage of the space in height

To begin with, a widely used resource is to use the height of the house as a loft for storage or even to install a bedroom. It is not necessary that this has the same height that we need in the low zone since there we will not make life, but we will only use it to sleep.

2. Take advantage of every corner for storage

Second tip, let the imagination fly and use every corner of the house to store things. It is not necessary to have a lot of space, the important thing is that everything has its place assigned, so the floor will be tidier. As you can see in this example, the low staircase has been enabled as a storage space with drawers and cabinets.

3. Small space = mobile furniture

The third idea to reform a loft to take into account has to do with the choice of furniture, a fact that will decisively determine the space that will be created in your home.

And, small space is synonymous with mobile furniture. If one day you have guests and want to ride an impromptu dance floor or you want to start in the spiritual world of yoga, you can put aside everything that bothers you, dining room, lounge, desk and enjoy a clean space at the time you want being able to recover the previous space whenever you want.

small space

4. Kitchen integration

We propose the integration of the kitchen inside the house so that an open and bright space is created contributing to create a wider space. Do not worry about the issue of odors, in Accento Interiors, we have all kinds of extractor hoods that will eliminate any smell caused by cooked food.

The kitchens open to the living room are not exclusive to loft or small spaces, as they are one of the most used formats in recent years in many of the reforms we carry out. This concept, gives an amplitude and an open space impossible to achieve with other distributions.

5. Color palette

Finally, we recommend that the color palette used in small spaces be neutral tones, combined with furniture and colorful decorative objects that are those that provide that cheerful touch that every home needs. Otherwise, if it is a very small space and you dare with reds, blacks or very intense colors, this may play against you and contribute to dwarfing the space.

In Accento Interiors we have all kinds of fixed and mobile furniture, with a wide variety of kitchens adaptable to the needs of each client and we can advise you on any subject without obligation. Encourage yourself to ask what would be the best distribution or what changes would be ideal to turn your apartment into a true and cozy home.

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