Central Kitchen

Since the beginning of Scavolini, our custom kitchens have become the heart of many homes, something we are deeply proud of. We design kitchens day by day, but always with the same objective: to create opportunities that allow us to enjoy more good times together. For many, life in the kitchen has changed considerably since 1999, as the models of family, housing, etc. evolved. For this reason, in Accento Scavolini Kitchens Barcelona we reinvent and continuously adapt the concept of Central Kitchen and now launch a series of new products that will make it easier for you to dance, read, celebrate, live, work, play, love and cook in your new kitchen.


To make the dream of a Scavolini Central Kitchen a reality, it is necessary, in most cases, to merge two or more rooms. Often, finding the necessary space that a Central Kitchen requires may seem like an impossible mission. However, most of the time you only need to think creatively and see the potential of your current home. With very few changes, most people can create a large open Central Kitchen, with space to be together in daily life. But before you start throwing partitions, you have to think carefully about what you need and want for your new Scavolini Central Kitchen.


At Accento Scavolini we dare to call ourselves “experts in the Central Kitchen“. Therefore, in our stores you will find a wide variety of combinations of these exciting kitchens in different colors and configurations. You can choose, for example, an attractive and minimalist Central Kitchen with a durable design, create a rural and cozy atmosphere or mix colors and materials to achieve a unique and personal Scavolini Central Kitchen. Even if you do not have much space, you can fulfill your dream of having a Central Kitchen. Because we also have kitchens for small spaces. Whatever you want, we are sure that you will be able to find a Central Kitchen that exactly fits you and your needs.

At Accento SCAVOLINI BCN, we offer you, the direct sale of Scavolini kitchen furniture, without intermediaries. Scavolini kitchens in Barcelona with the style and personality of Italian design. Accento Scavolini Bcn offers the most varied tailored kitchens, with the most varied finishes, together with countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets, all with all the variety of range, type and for all costs. In Barcelona, if you want a kitchen made exclusively for you, without a doubt, in Accento Scavolini BCN we are your ally. You know, we are in Barcelona and we reach any corner of Catalunya.

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