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Joint Vision

Accento Scavolini BCN projects involve a complete process in which the details of each step by, interior designers, project managers, designers, graphic artists, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, parquetists, marble workers, pallets … professionals from each area and they are made at each level and from the beginning to the end. From the design of the kitchen, to the delivery, through the installation, and throughout our professional infrastructure, is the equipment you may need to make the kitchen of your dreams come true, and save yourself the problems of doing the works by sections and without control.


Our designers and interior designers are the soul of the company and the first point of contact that you will know and that will follow you until the end of the project. Our consultants use their expert knowledge in the design of kitchens, bathrooms and homes to help you in the process of remodeling your project. First of all, a digital sketch is made up of the material and color preferences, the number of cabinets and kitchen accessories required, and of course the budget of the project, detailed and very understandable. Then we take precise measurements of the interior space and we review everything together with you to see if it is necessary to review the kitchen components or the options of the accessories.

Manufacturing Order

After you are satisfied and convinced with the design of your new project, and all the measurements and specifications are established, we present the design plans from kitchen to factory in Italy. Then the order is processed and each detail is reviewed once again to further guarantee the choice. At all times, we are in contact with Italy to make sure that every detail and specification of your furniture design project is adjusted before the manufacturing process begins.

Manufacturing & Quality Scavolini

Once the details of the kitchen design are examined by the manufacturer, the production process begins. Before assembling the components of your kitchen, exhaustive quality controls are carried out in all processes by the manufacturer. The manufacturing process for each and every one of the brands with which we have partnered has been meticulously refined over many decades of engineering achievements and award-winning experiences. The kitchen products manufactured in Italy are respected throughout the world for their innovation and overcoming the general design standards.

Delivery and installation

As with any product shipped from Europe, there is the possibility of some minor damage. In Accento Scavolini Bcn, each kitchen component that we receive goes through a list of “retouching”. We adjust and repair any necessary imperfections, making sure that the furniture is as impeccable in your home as it would be in a catalog. Any design changes or additional parts required are immediately sent to the manufacturer and sent back before the installation is complete. Since we emphasize every detail of the entire process from start to finish, we take elaborate measures to ensure that your kitchen is fully functional and accessible during installation. Upon completion of the installation process, our quality control experts inspect every detail and function of your kitchen to ensure exceptional results.

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