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In the kitchen we cook and have deep conversations. In the cupboards we collect the disorder, we create order and we find an important part of our identity. In the bathroom we prepare for a new day in the mornings and to go to bed at night. In our house we spend the most vulnerable and wonderful hours, awake and asleep. Accento Scavolini BCN you can create a beautiful personal space full of style, allowing you to enjoy a day to day that is, at least, fabulous.


At Accento Scavolini Bcn, we have a habit of defying customs. Propose new challenges is our goal, and we know that raising questions is always the answer.

We believe that we do the right thing when we listen to customers, when we listen to you. We believe that our frankness and sincerity is what makes us stand out. That our design allows us to fulfill any dream.


We constantly optimize our partners, make important and often difficult decisions, and find our own way of doing things. This is what allows us to offer flexible solutions, inspired by the way of life of our customers: products designed and created for you and your daily life. This is how we integrate aesthetics with functionality and we bring Danish design to the heart of every home. And most important: that’s how we supply high quality kitchens, bathrooms and closets at surprisingly low prices.
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Surely we all agree that design is the key to any project. Accento Scavolini BCN, with its styles and models, beautiful for its timeless aesthetics. Pretty for their sense of detail. We highlight the mergers of materials, aesthetics and function.

The Accento Scavolini Bcn design is characterized by such ingenious details that can go completely unnoticed. All models have been manufactured to be a pleasure for the eyes and for all the senses. Made with love both in terms of design and functionality.


When you buy a new kitchen, each of its elements must have a quality that allows you to enjoy it for a lot of years. In Accento Scavolini Bcn we think that a low price is not attractive if it is not accompanied by quality. Therefore, we constantly work to supply high quality products and resistant materials at prices that everyone can afford.

Whether you dream of a kitchen or a new bathroom or closet, Accento Scavolini Bcn never sacrifices the quality that, in our opinion, also has to be characteristic of Italian design.

In Accento Scavolini BCN we give you solutions   manufactured to last a lot of years.


The dream of a new kitchen. A new, shiny and functional wardrobe for your apartment. Or the jump from an idea to reality when you draw lines in the plane of your new house.

In Accento Scavolini Bcn you will find flexible systems for the design of your home, which will allow you to create order and harmony in all the rooms of the house. The aesthetics and the function are the starting point to have a magnificent kitchen. A magnificent wardrobe. And a magnificent bathroom. We make kitchens, bathrooms or cabinets based on your day to day, for real people who want to live life. Live the day-to-day.


We think about things, and that is reflected in our prices! We constantly optimize our business. We think of more practical, functional and innovative solutions, to be able to always provide great quality at low prices.

We give you the kitchen you dream of.

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