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Industrial design has a new balance

Result of the collaboration between the Diesel Living team and Scavolini, Diesel Open Workshop represents a new chapter after the amazing Diesel Social Kitchen, “a new idea” with the same success and even more effective in evocative terms.Diesel Open Workshop: the kitchen reinvented in an industrial key. As a laboratory, the kitchen is divided into several functional areas with different languages ​​and materials. Inspiration is the real protagonist; not only in the elements that characterize the design, but in the very essence of the project: the sober alternation of full and empty, the care of the details, the search for the materials make the design “simple”, an absolutely surprising vision. The modular structures of the Steel tubes uniquely design this kitchen, a stylistic approach capable of fusing and highlighting shape, functionality and vintage soul with a contemporary aesthetic. Great attention to detail, which constitutes the authentic personality of this kitchen, the profiles of the handles integrated in the door, the frame of the doors and the shelves, the legs and the corner elements, designed to give the system an appearance only.

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