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If you want the interior of your home to have a very modern look, without a doubt the Eclectic or Modern style is the one you are looking for. And if you have come to this article is because you look for the keys of this style of decoration, so you are in luck because that is precisely what you will find in the following lines.

We have prepared the keys of the modern style so that you are able to take it and implement it in your home in a simple way, so do not miss any of our decorative tips.

And a good basis to implement this style is to know that its principles are similar to those of minimalism. That means that for a modern interior we must flee from the recharge and filling elements and focus only on the essential elements and the order of the spaces.

As happens in minimalist interiors, the simplicity of the forms and the use of straight lines and not overloaded are key. All the elements that we place in our modern interior will flee as far as possible from curves and unnecessary ornamentations. The same goes for the surfaces, which will always seek the simplicity of the smooth.

Lacquered, agglomerated or plywood, glass, metal or leather are the star materials of the modern style. Acrylic and concrete are also valid, especially for modern kitchens.

The combination of all materials is another key to keep in mind. As much as possible introduce elements of different materials from those we have named, but always do it looking for harmony, of course.

The clarity of a modern space is essential and for this we will enhance the entry of natural light and light color in the room. For the first, as we say, maximize natural light through your windows. And when the night comes, decant by powerful white light halogens.

And dealing with the color issue, the basis of a modern environment must seek clarity. He opts for white, gray or even beige tones, and from there he introduces color and vitality through the complements. The choice of colors is your choice (as long as they combine well, of course), but never use more than three colors.

In the use of accessories you should not abuse either. The ideal is that the elements you show are very chosen and that they are design elements that “shine” with their own light. You must try to make each element a protagonist of your area and that there is no other element nearby that competes for the “popularity” of the area.

Models of Eclectic or Modern Style

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