English Cottage Style

An English Court kitchen for tea like the British.

If you are looking for a truly classic style for the interior of your home, perhaps the one that best suits your interests is the English style with the sobriety and elegance that characterizes it.

In the following article we will see a series of tips and suggestions to create these types of environments in our homes, with practical ideas that will come in handy to know the starting points you should take to have an English-style home.

As we said before, sobriety and elegance are two of the characteristics that we should look for in an English environment. To achieve this, a basic material to use is wood, especially mahogany.

Leather is another of the star elements that cannot be missing in a traditionally “British” interior. The distinction that leather provides to an interior is perfect for an English environment.

And since we talk about distinction, the sofas and armchairs of English decoration are characterized by being especially distinguished, presenting these many curves both in arms or backrests. Leather and studs cannot be missing on these sofas. Of them, the characteristic of the English style is the Chester armchair.

As we said before, mahogany furniture are the main protagonists. The tones that usually predominate in an English style are brown, black or gray in their more pastel shades.

Lighting is a key aspect to keep in mind. In an English interior it is not direct or powerful, but comes from small indirect points of light. So it is not uncommon to find small table lamps, chandeliers or chandeliers.

To dress the curtains of an English interior, opt for cotton. For the upholstery of chairs or for cushions, velvet or the same cotton are two materials to consider.

On the walls of an English interior it is not uncommon to find wallpapers with refined motifs and pastel tones. It is also traditional to see pictures with elegant wooden frames or small tapestries.

The style of the accessories should be very classic as well, so it is advisable to take a tour of the antique stores of your city looking for details such as classic globes, beautiful chandeliers, small sculptures, etc.

English Cottage Style Models

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