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The ideal kitchens to make tartlets, chocolates, pasta and croissants …

The culture of each country is reflected in different manifestations, including the decoration of its interiors. Thanks to it you can know the roots of each region. In this case, we will tell you about the kitchen decoration with French style, something old that comes from the wonderful country that is France. Thanks to Accento Scavolini Bcn, we invite you to meet him.

If we close our eyes and start to imagine a kitchen, surely the first image will be that of a luxurious and ostentatious atmosphere, but the reality is different. The French enjoy cooking and preparing dishes that are shared with the family, so in this type of decoration it is essential that it be comfortable and pleasant.

We will focus on the furniture that should be used in French decoration. The furniture must be made of wood, mainly in pale colors, from a matt white, to a butter color, lavender, light green or wood colors. The spaces should be more spacious, very bright with a colorful, fresh and floral decoration.

Wood, in addition to being seen in furniture, can be seen on walls and floors. The windows should be wide, allowing a good entry of natural light and air into the room. With regard to colors, the clearest ones, which allow light to be reflected, must be taken into account. As they usually have very bright kitchens you can place small details that will look, such as hand-carved chairs or tables, antique vases or handmade crockery.

Remember that flowers are also very important in this type of decoration. In the kitchens you should never miss a vase with a colorful and beautiful bouquet of flowers.

French Style Models

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