Ideas to reform a bathroom

When undertaking a comprehensive reform, it is usual not to have enough ideas to reform a bathroom. Being generally small spaces, the possibilities offered are considerably reduced.

Next we will try to contribute different ideas to reform a bathroom, based on the geometry of the available space.


Before starting with all the ideas to reform a bathroom, it is important to know what are the steps to follow during the reform.

In order to avoid time dilation and increased costs, the reform of a bathroom must always be planned before starting work.

Although it is a small space, it does not mean that the works are simple. It is always convenient to hire a technician to project, organize and control the work.

In a simplified way, the steps should be:
1. Demolitions
2. Facilities
3. Vertical coatings
4. Horizontal coatings
5. Furniture


To get a space in harmony and functional, you have to study the geometry of it well. The ideas to reform the bathroom, are always conditioned by space.

Therefore, it is very important to look at the shape: square, rectangular, symmetric, asymmetric … And if there is any constructive element that conditions our design: pillars, beams, window recess, corners, curved walls …

The first conditioner is the disposal of the sanitation network. It is very important to know that all plumbing and sanitation facilities can usually be changed, except the toilet.

The second important point is the location of the shower / bathtub. It is a point-of-use element that generally has a rectangular or square shape. Therefore, we must try to locate it in corners, since we will take advantage of “unused” spaces.

The type of access door is another conditioning amount. If we want to optimize the space and we have a small bathroom, there is the option of installing a sliding door. If on the contrary we are going to reform a large bathroom, the option we choose will be conditioned by the personal taste of each one.

In summary, to organize the spaces we will rely on:

• The toilet must be as close as possible to the drain, to avoid possible problems with clogging in the future.
• The corners of the bathroom can be used to locate the shower tray.
• Accessible stopcocks will always be installed. Behind the access door is a good place, since they are hidden behind it.
• If we find a small bathroom, we have the option of installing a sliding door to maximize the interior space.
• The opening of a door must have internal obstacles.

There is a wide variety of materials for each element of the bathroom. Below we detail which are the most convenient for the advantages they offer.


The most common and widespread is to use the tile as a coating, but it is not the only solution. Here we explain the best floors for modern houses.

There is the option to perform a mixed finish, plaster + tile. If we want to imitate a more classic design it is a good option. Always taking into account that the shower area has to be tiled to the false ceiling, since the plaster is not waterproof.

Another idea to reform the bathroom is to cover it with microcement. It is a continuous material, which well executed guarantees tightness and cleanliness. It is possible to apply it on existing tiles, without its demolition being necessary.

There is also the option of placing a Solid Surface material. It is a composition of Aluminum Hydroxide, Acrylic resin and natural pigments. Among its great advantages are the resistance to heat, lack of joints, antibacterial material and high resistance to shocks.


To choose the shower tray, the two most commonly used materials are: resins and porcelain. If a modern and modern air is sought, we will decide on extra-flat resin plates; If on the contrary the idea to reform a bathroom is more classic, we will go to porcelain shower trays.

There is also the possibility of doing it with the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom, that is, making a shower tray.

Regarding the bathtub we have classic materials such as cast iron and acrylics, and more innovative materials such as resins and porcelain.


Depending on the available space we will adjust the dimensions of the furniture. It is recommended that it be 80 cm long and 46 cm deep.

The range of materials on the market, like the previous elements is very wide. Under our experience, we recommend lacquered or laminated wood doors and sides, and porcelain or Solid Surface sinks. The amount of drawers that the set has depends on personal taste.

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Depending on the available space, it can be organized into two large groups:


• Transparent glass screen (without screen printing) and large mirrors, to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and depth.
• Use a shower tray before a bathtub, since the space it occupies is smaller and more functional.
• Wall-mounted sink without drawers. This ensures that the floor is visible on the entire surface of the bathroom. If space is needed for storage, it is more advisable to install a column next to a corner, which furniture with drawers.
• Suspended toilet. Range of small dimensions.
• Remove bidet and install shower-bidet taps.
• If possible, use “dead” spaces to install a built-in cistern for the toilet.


• Bathroom cabinet with drawers or lower shelf, and double sinks sink.
• Exempt Solid Surface bathtubs.
• Incorporate small cabinets or columns for storage.
• Towel radiators.
• Drying areas in shower / bath exit / entrance.
• Hydromassage columns in large shower trays.

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