• Glass partitions

The glass walls are perfect for dividing two spaces without losing light and maintaining the feeling of spaciousness, as well as acoustically insulating. In the case of placing glass partitions in the kitchen, we will also prevent odors from entering adjacent rooms.

Leaning over a glass wall does not mean that its entire surface must be made of glass. There are a wide variety of designs and finishes that adapt to any style. We can use frames with wooden or metal frames, a low wooden partition wall with glass on the top, crystals of different colors, etc.

However, they also have disadvantages: for its installation it is necessary to make a small work so that the cost is higher, they require periodic maintenance since the glass is a material that tends to get dirty; and subtract privacy. However, there are always solutions to maintain that privacy, for example, using crystals with less transparency, vinyl or curtains.

  • Sliding doors

It is a solution that allows joining spaces and giving more space to the rooms that share the sliding door; and achieve the desired privacy by keeping the space fully open or closed according to the circumstances of the moment.

There are a wide variety of models: made of wood, transparent or translucent glass, metallic … according to its opening shape: one leaf, two facing, folding, stackable, telescopic, etc. Views or hidden inside the wall … an infinity of finishes and designs that allow them to adapt to any environment and decorative style in a simple and elegant way.

  • Furniture

Using furniture as a room divider is a practical, aesthetic and economical option since in addition to creating different spaces they fulfill the furniture’s own function, without the need to invest in other types of dividers.

Shelves (open or closed on one side) to organize books and display decoration accessories; showcases or low furniture to store all kinds of household items; TV furniture, sofas, wardrobes for clothes and dressing rooms, peninsulas or kitchen islands, etc. The only thing that we have to take into account is its disposition so that in addition to fulfilling its main function it acts as a room divider.

  • Decorative panels

They are used to divide large spaces giving a little more privacy. They can be made to measure to adapt perfectly to the configuration and size of the space; and present endless finishes, designs, colors, materials, transparency … so they are an active part of the whole of the decoration of the house. For example, wooden panels that provide warmth and privacy, glass that increase the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity, modern panels with geometric figures and colors that give personality to the space, etc.

They are usually fixed to the floor, ceiling or wall; and they can be fixed or mobile by allowing us to graduate the degree of privacy as it suits us.

  • Screens

A screen is a piece of furniture composed of several racks; that are articulated with each other and that can be opened and folded according to your needs. They serve to delimit a separation within a room in a simple way, and they can also be easily placed and removed.

In this case we also find a great diversity of designs, which allows us to easily adapt them in any style. There are more classic screens made of wood, cloth and bamboo; and more modern ones where new materials such as metal, glass and synthetic materials have been incorporated with designs adapted to new decoration trends.

The most used are those used to create a dressing area in the bedroom, but we can also find them to separate other rooms: an office, a small reading corner or to exercise, the bathtub area, separate the bedroom from the living room in a loft house, etc.

  • Curtains

Using curtains as a separator is a classic, mainly to separate the bedroom from the living room in open houses. They allow us to enjoy with a simple movement of a common or intimate space. Curtains made of more opaque or translucent fabrics depending on the degree of intimacy and luminosity we want. Curtains with fall, with blinds, roller blinds, Japanese panels that slide smoothly along parallel, Venetian channels … with a great variety of colors, fabrics and shapes that can be used for any type of decoration.

In Accento Interiors we have all kinds of fixed and mobile furniture, with a wide variety of kitchens adaptable to the needs of each client and we can advise you on any subject without obligation. Encourage yourself to ask what would be the best distribution or what changes would be ideal to turn your apartment into a true and cozy home.

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