How to make a comprehensive reform in the garden?

Carrying out a comprehensive reform of the garden means modifying not only its appearance, but also all the facilities it contains, such as the irrigation network, electrical wiring and drainage network, among others.

The reasons why these types of reforms are carried out can be very varied, such as the fact of acquiring a second-hand home or because your habits have changed and you want to give the garden new uses so that it adapts better to your needs or simply the design of the garden has become dated.

What should you consider before reforming the garden?

Before you start you must be clear about three aspects:

1. Use that you will give to the garden. It is essential to know what you need and what your priorities are.

2. Budget you have. With this you will know if you can undertake the complete work or in parts.

3. What time are you willing to devote to the garden for maintenance. A beautiful garden involves some care that you must take into account. You can learn about this topic in the post keeping your garden can be simple.

Once you have carefully studied the three previous sections, you will need to gather the following information:

  • Plane of the surface that you have. Then divide it into areas such as swing, pool, gazebo, barbecue area or the garden, among others.
  • Irrigation plane. For this you will need the help of a professional if you have no experience. In this plane, each of the areas to be irrigated and the most adequate irrigation system for each of them will be fixed, either by drip, spray or diffusion. It is important that you know the water flow you have and the pressure.
  • Plan of the electrical installation. As in the irrigation plan, you will need the help of a professional. In this plane, determine the type of lighting depending on whether it is a passing area, being or if you want to highlight specific corners. Save by lighting with LED lights.
  • Drainage network plane. Evacuating rainwater properly will prevent unnecessary flooding and flooding of green areas. Place grids that collect the water and route it to the sewer network.

How to make a comprehensive reform in the garden?

Finally, you just need to get down to work by following an order when performing each of the tasks to reform the garden.

1. Clean the ground and leveling. Leave the ground free to work without obstacles. Anticipate the containers you will need for debris removal.

2. Make the necessary ditches for the installation of irrigation and electricity. Do not skimp on points of light, you may need them to plug in the Christmas lights and place enough hydrants to connect the hose and access all areas of the garden. Before covering the ditches, check that everything works correctly.

3. Pave the most traffic surfaces. Catch up on the new trends for garden floors. Do not forget to place tube holders under them to be able to cross them and pass pipes or electrical cable without difficulty.

4. Finally plant shrubs and flowers and form the meadow, either natural or artificial. Choose species that adapt to the climate and soil of your garden. Consider the orientation when placing the shade trees and see the size they can reach. The best time to plant is spring or fall.

Once all the tasks are finished, you just have to enjoy your garden. If you have any questions you can consult it at Accento Elegant Homes. We will help you delighted.

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