Kitchen Faucets

Choosing the kitchen faucet seems simple, but when you see the wide catalog of kitchen faucets that you have, you realize that the choice is not so simple. Single-lever, bimodal faucets, monobloc, etc.

In this section, Accento Scavolini of Barcelona we will talk about the different types of faucets that there are and we will analyze the different characteristics of each one of them so that you can analyze which is the ideal for your kitchen.

Faucet Types

1. Single-lever Faucets.

And the first ones that we will analyze will be the single-lever faucets. These present a modern style, although for many years they have been among us. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they are easy to handle faucets.

With them, selecting the amount of concrete water we need, the cold-hot balance, is a simple task, so the water flow we use is rational and the consumption is adjusted to the specific needs. It is also easy to open and close, something very practical for a space like the kitchen.

2. Double control Faucets.

Another type of faucets that can be found in the market are double control faucets. These as a rule have a much more traditional style. As its name indicates, they have two controls that serve to choose cold water or hot water, both independent.

This type of faucets is not too comfortable for kitchens, because they are usually opened and closed by rotating hands. This not only makes things as simple as washing your hands or washing the fruit difficult, it also makes choosing the correct water temperature more complicated.Of course, aesthetically this type of faucets have a special charm. This makes them very present in kitchens of classic or rustic style.

3. Removable pipe faucets.

We will continue with the removable pipe faucets. Generally this type of faucets are those found in industrial kitchens, because they offer the possibility of the water coming out in different directions with simplicity.

This type of faucets become small hoses that allow us to bathe larger surfaces with water without having to move the element that we want to wet, just moving the tap as a hose.

For tasks of cleaning food or filling large containers are really comfortable.

4. Tilting and / or flexible unit.

A type of tap very similar to these are those with a tilting spout. These have a high spout that we can move easily from top to bottom and to the sides, allowing us to optimally direct the flow of water to where we want.

5. Osmosis faucets.

And we will finish with the most modern and most innovative faucets of all, the osmosis faucets. These incorporate two differentiated pipes. One of them removes water destined for industrial use such as washing or cleaning, and the other draws water for human consumption.

6. Flush Faucets.

And we will finish with the most practical and adaptable faucets for special kitchens, the folding faucets. These incorporate a folding movement.
This same type has a variant to adapt under the high furniture with sliding shelves for the adaptable kitchens.

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