How do we design your Ideal Project ?

To focus the kitchen reform project we have standardized a dynamic designed to make your choice and decision making as easy as possible.

After more than 65 years in the reform of homes and renovating houses throughout Catalonia, we have managed to synthesize in a few simple steps the design process of your new kitchen or your integral reform. From the moment you contact us for the first time, until we deliver your ideal kitchen, we will work with dedicated manufacturers and distributors, industrial professionals, from electricians and plumbers, to bricklayers and painters, our team takes care of every detail.
At all times your idea of kitchen or reform, your needs and your tastes in the design and the elements, will be the ones that decide how that space will be fully realized and dedicated to you.

idea reform

1. Inspiration, set Idea and Budget

Simply call us with your renewal wish list and doubts in hand. We will be happy to analyze your needs and requirements, providing expert advice and comments at no cost. If you want to see first-hand the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that we will offer exclusively to your project, visit us in our showroom based in Barcelona.
Once we have the inspiration, for the wide variety of design ideas that we can adapt to your own home, we will be prepared to explore more precisely every corner and feasibility of the proposals, with an individual consultation at home.

2. We visit your home

At Accento Elegant Homes, we believe that every renovation is a collaboration. One of our designers will come to meet you and your ideas. We will listen in detail, attention and education, we will ask you questions that will give us new ideas to add to the worktable.
Through sketches in situ, we will elaborate proposals that will seek to capture your first idea.
We will never impose our thoughts on you. Our sincerity and empathy will help us create a design that will be born from your needs, your desires, and your style, which will fit your budget.
Do you need to remove your old kitchen or bathroom? We have it covered as part of the renovation.

esbozo reforma
virtual reality reform

3. Presentation of the design

Now is the time to start exchanging those initial thoughts for something you can really visualize. We will meet in our showroom or showroom to present your new space designed.
Your interior designer will present you with a quote and a complete conceptual plan for review.
Along with this, our 3D images, and the most acclaimed Virtual Reality will show you (and you can almost touch) the wide range of finishes and accessories available, all arranged in the virtual plane, so that every detail matches the result of quality you expect.
We begin to see a little more light in your project!

4. Finishes and Complementary Accessories

The secret is in the details. That’s why your designer / interior designer will show you the colors, accessories and smart storage ideas that will spark your interest in the detail and usefulness of the renovation. We will provide you with professional guidance to gather all the elements of design and practicality, so that the final product speaks of the functionality of your life.

documentacion reforma

5. Documentation project technique

Now that the designs are finished, our Technicians, Draftsmen and Engineers will specify every little detail in precise technical drawings, so that our trusted artisans can take the reins and start installing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams as planned. Sit back, relax and watch the transformation unfold.

6. Project Manager assign

We have eliminated all the pressure of the construction process, with your own personal Project Manager who will supervise all the stages of the work, guide you through the process and will be your only and exclusive point of contact and reference to ensure that everything works smoothly, to On time and within budget.

project manager on site
delivery keys reform

7. Delivery of the keys

This is the best part of any renovation and the most desired.
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have dealt with builders and registered companies that will issue the guarantees and certificates required by Catalan and Spanish law.
The tranquility of a job well done, is our confidence.

Here are some of our projects …

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