Housing Reforms in Barcelona & Girona

Integral Reforms

Your comprehensive reform at very reasonable prices. We make modern comprehensive reforms, quality and with the latest generation materials and finishes.

Kitchen Reforms

kitchen renovations

Services of reform of integral kitchens at economic prices. We make modern kitchen reforms, tailored and with the possibility of doing them without works.

Bathroom Reforms

bathroom reforms

Designs of reform of integral bathrooms at economic prices. We make modern bathroom reforms, tailored and with the possibility of doing them without works.

Floor Reforms


Our services of reform of apartments to measure and detail. The floor renovation designs are modern, elegant and finished, guaranteeing satisfaction.

Lofts Reforms

loft renovations

If your Loft reform brings you head first, we can make it happen. Reforms of current Lofts and at adjusted prices, and with the latest developments in materials.

Luxury Home Reforms

luxury house reform

If you are looking for a luxury reform, we are distributors of a large list of suppliers of elegant materials and products of world-renowned brands.

Country House Reforms

country house reform

The renovation or restoration of rustic spaces are also our specialty. The cottages have their charm, and we know how to make it stand out.

Penthouse Reforms

penthouse reform

Each comprehensive attic reform we carry out is a new challenge. The attic renovation projects are modern, with every detail and taste.

Ground Reforms with Garden

low floor reform with garden

Your reform of ground floor with garden, has the addition of landscaping and natural elements. The reforms of ground floor with garden, are the conjunction of interior design and landscaping.

Carrying out the reform a home is a complex process. We often do not know where to begin. Only, that we want to renovate a property to adapt it to our needs and, of course, also to our personal tastes.

This is why, in pursuit of perfect reform, it is necessary to get into the hands of professionals who are capable of transforming homeowners’ ideas into realities. Something that, despite what many of them believe, does not have to be a big outlay in your pocket, quite the opposite.

A clear example of modern and partial reforms of quality and modern, in which the best materials are used and special care is taken with the finishes, we are Accento, a project made up of experts in each and every branch involved in the renovation. of all types of homes at affordable prices with dozens of successful projects both in Barcelona and in Girona.

And many years have been making housing reforms in these two Catalan provinces highlighting the work done to reform kitchens and bathrooms at very attractive prices that result in modern and custom spaces, with, and without work.

Quality reforms in Barcelona and Girona

The experience gained over the past 23 years has set us as a reference when it comes to refurbishing all types of homes, regardless of the type of property that needs to be renovated and the type of needs of our clients.

For example, a large number of complete or partial refurbishments are usually performed on floors. These are made to measure and taking into account all the details that the client needs, in search of a new modern and elegant floor that will satisfy 100%.

Objective that we also try to achieve when we put our hands to work in a loft. Spaces in which not all reform companies are able to make the most of the space and where we guarantee a complete reform of details, with the best materials and what makes this loft a modern home where every centimeter counts .

It is not necessary to insist on the care with which we work when it comes to making a luxury renovation. Something in which we are experts, as evidenced by the fact that we are distributors of the best suppliers of high quality materials and products in search of distinction to the smallest detail of the house, including the exterior.

Where the exterior ones are of particular importance is in the reforms of rustic spaces. A job that often ends up being a restoration and we feel particularly comfortable knowing, how to get a charming rural home that stands out for its level of detail.

This combination of interior design and landscaping also occurs on the ground floor with garden, spaces in which we try to make the most of both the inhabited and the outdoor area, adapting each square meter to the wishes of the owner.

Something that we also achieved in the attics by reforming these types of homes, making them cozy, distinguished and adapted to the wishes of those who live in them.

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