Kitchen reforms in Terrassa

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All of us who have a property dream of having a perfect house and, for that, undoubtedly, it is necessary to have a perfect kitchen in which to enjoy all the hours that we will spend there inside.

For this, unless you have the great luck of having designed your home from scratch, a reform is usually necessary that will be, total or partial, depending on the time you have this or your new needs, being many possibilities that are offered to us today both in Terrassa and in the rest of Barcelona.

Choose the one you choose, it is important to be clear that a comprehensive reform of the kitchen should only be carried out by professionals who after seeing the space you have or could get to have and listen to what you want to do, they will tell you what to do and How to do it by adjusting, of course, to your budget.

Comprehensive kitchen reform in Terrassa
The first thing to look at when reforming a kitchen is how it is, in meters, architecture, design, etc. It is important to check the floor, walls, furniture and appliances, without forgetting the points of natural and artificial light, to modify them if necessary and whenever possible.

It will be after this first study when we will know if we want to remove meters to another department to win them to the new kitchen or not. An issue in which the company specialized in kitchen reform can advise us in search of the best result.

Hand in hand with this step will be the review of the lighting. After checking if you can get some more natural light – if interested – it will be time to choose between the type of light – cold or warm – and the different types of bulbs and lamps that, in addition to guaranteeing the necessary light to work in the kitchen, provide a certain aesthetic sense.

No less important is the choice of colors for walls and ceilings or floors, in addition to choosing between one architecture or another, or a furniture or another, depending on whether our renovated kitchen is going to be open, in L in U in island or peninsula, among other options.

As for the walls, it is essential to choose a good lining, not only because of the look it gives to this room, but also because of the protection that it entails in the area facing the cooking plate and where the splashes and spots are constant.

In relation to cooking tiles, note that the options are counted by thousands. From the natural looking to the funniest, going through classic styles. And it is that from natural stone to stoneware there is a whole range of options that will determine the appearance of our kitchen.

No less important is the soil. Soil that, in addition to stepping on a lot, must withstand splashes of hot oil, boiling water and all kinds of powerful stains, so we must make sure that the materials chosen, in addition to liking, will be resistant or easy to clean. Here we find everything from wood to stone, going through stoneware, microcement, vinyl or linoleum again.

At this point it will be time to take a look at the furniture materials that will be in our new kitchen and that will define the space. These should go according to the general aesthetics of the house and our tastes, but also be durable, resistant, easy to clean and, in general, of a certain quality.

We must also know if we opt for a stone, granite, slate or quartz countertop, if we opt for a synthetic material or opt for microcement, glass or a porcelain countertop. The same with the faucets, which can leave the wall or the countertop being dozens of materials and hundreds of current designs, or the sink, which can go over the countertop, at the same level or below, or the hood.

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