The kitchen is not anywhere. It is the department in which we spend more time and in which we transform ingredients into what we are going to have breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, in addition to where we talk and perform different household chores. Reasons more than enough to think about reforming it in search of a pleasant and functional place in equal parts.

One of the options when it comes to washing the face of your kitchen to leave behind the old conception that the living room is the center of the home and have the kitchen as that social or family gathering place, where you enjoy preparing the food, eating or integrating this multifunctional space into the living room and, therefore, family life.

And it is that more and more are the kitchens in which, in addition to food processing, it is used to eat, work or help with the duties of the little ones, thus taking full advantage of a space that should be comfortable and adapt to our needs. Something that only specialized companies with experience in kitchen renovations in Sant Cugat del Vallès as Accento are capable of doing.

Reform a kitchen
The first thing that we have to do before anything else is to check which space we have or can dispose of and, subsequently, to set out the objective of the reform and, if we are clear, what would be the distribution to integrate all the elements with which We want to tell in our new kitchen.

Secondly, we must take good note of where the points of light, gas or water are, since these can condition what we have thought and give headaches during the work if it has not been detailed and communicated before starting to reach To the department.

It will be later when we are in a position to state what kind of lighting we have designed for our new kitchen, what air we want to give it, what furniture is the most interesting aesthetically and functionally, what faucets we want to install or what appliances we are going to incorporate into the space we want to renovate .

At this point it is essential to conduct a thorough study of natural lighting, thinking about how light enters the different time slots and what areas need artificial lighting to ensure that both work and enjoyment areas are properly illuminated.

If we are not sure, there is nothing better than having specialists who tell us how we can play with the different points of light in search of different environments depending on the time and how we can take advantage of that luminosity to decorate the enclave de marras. Something especially interesting in kitchens with bar, island or peninsula and that we can mold from the hand of artificial light from the hand of LED technology that allows intensity games with very low consumption.

One of the capital issues of any kitchen reform is the choice of furniture. These should be consistent with our style, with the personality of the house and, above all, be able to meet your daily needs. In a space like the kitchen, choosing the dedicated spaces for storage and distribution is essential.

The most important advice at this point is that the set suits. If your kitchen is not too big, or if you want to visually lighten the space, you can include furniture with a showcase and illuminate them inside. You can also play with shelves or reduced bottom furniture.

As for the faucet, we must take into account that, in addition to the functional aspect, we can also use it as a decoration element to achieve that aspect that we have in mind, valuing which materials are more interesting both in appearance and durability.

Finally, we must study what appliances we need, where we are going to place them and be clear that they should not break the general tone of the kitchen. If you also get them to be low consumption and easy to clean, better than better.

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