Types of Kitchen Sinks

Although the sink may seem a secondary element in the kitchen, the reality is that it is not, and that not all are equal. It will be one of the components, together with the countertop, that will use the most. The choice of material and its shape will be fundamental decisions in the face of durability and comfort. In addition, they can be an element of great decorative impact; for good or bad, in fact, when the choice is wrong, few things attract so much attention. In Accento Scavolini Bcn we will try to put a little light.

There are different classifications or types of kitchen sinks depending on the material, its shape or even its installation with respect to the countertop.

Types of Sinks according to the Material

1. Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

They are the most frequent and a priori also the cheapest, although this is not always true. There are different qualities of steel and manufacturing processes that can increase and improve many of the basic features of a stainless steel sink. This type of material for kitchen sinks offers good resistance to shock and high temperatures. It is also a versatile option in terms of designs, shapes and possibilities, although not in terms of colors and textures. Perhaps the biggest drawbacks are the visibility acquired by the scratches that occur and the loss of brightness that lime causes them.

2. Resin.

Resin sinks for kitchens are much more flimsy than steel sinks, both blows, scratches and heat. On the other hand they are available in a wide variety of textures and colors. It is a great option for those looking for design instead of resistance.

3. Quartz.

Quartz sinks, like resin sinks, are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. The advantage over the previous ones (although they also have a percentage of resins) is that the quartz gives them a greater resistance to shock, scratch and heat. The material is the same as that used for the manufacture of compact quartz countertops. In fact sometimes they are marketed together to make them look like a single piece.

4. Ceramic.

These types of kitchen sinks are in high demand by those looking for rustic or vintage styles. They are very resistant to bumps and scratches, although if they suffer a blow strong enough they can break. Among its main drawbacks are its high price and its high rigidity can damage the dishes.

5. Marble and / or granite.

They are manufactured specifically to be integrated into the countertop and offer the characteristics of these materials. Great resistance, although they stain easily.

6. Synthetics.

These are patented materials that allow any type of manufacturing, for example, unique designs where countertops and sinks are integrated without separations. They are alternatives of high price, and in some cases also of high benefits.

Types of Fregaderas according to its Form

1. A breast or bucket.

It may or may not have a drainer, the most frequent being those with a bucket and a drainer. In some cases where the sink is integrated or under the countertop the drainer will be cut if the manufacturing material of the countertop allows it.

2. Two bosoms or buckets.

Often used in larger kitchens, they can have a drainer or not.


3. From the corner.

Especially designed for kitchens where the sink is in a corner, usually in small kitchens and for adaptable kitchens.

Types of Sinks according to your Installation

1. Inlaid or Surface.

Traditionally the most used sinks have been built-in or placed on the countertop. They are used especially in cases where the countertop is made of materials that do not tolerate moisture well, such as wood or laminates.


2. Under Countertop.

However, integrated or undercounter sinks have been gaining ground in recent years, despite their higher price, thanks to the advantages they offer.

3. Monobloc or one piece.

This type of sink has its peculiarity in the most retro or vintage. The kitchens of the Italian grandmothers, had the sink of a single piece of stone, quartz or marble. It is not very common to find new kitchens with this type of sink, although Scavolini, if you bet to add it according to kitchen model, such as Belvedere, Favilla, Grand Relais or Long Island.

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