Mediterranean Style

You can almost smell the species like oregano, thyme or rosemary …

Do you want to introduce the freshness and warmth of Mediterranean environments into your home even if you are thousands of kilometers away from this environment? Thanks to the Mediterranean style you will be able to create space full of vitality and color, and through the following article you will find the main keys to achieve it. Do not miss it!

As we can guess by the name of this style, the Mediterranean decoration is based on the Mediterranean coastal areas of Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and North Africa. And the keys that all these areas have in common are the luminosity, the color and the freshness.

As we can see, one of the keys of the Mediterranean style is clarity, so we must maximize the entry of natural light into our homes. So it was curtains of thick fabrics or the placement of furniture near the windows that could prevent the entry of the sun’s rays.

It also enhances the lighting of the rooms thanks to the effect of the color of the walls. These should be mostly white, although if you want to uncheck yourself a little you can choose a gray or a very light blue, tending almost to white. This color will not only enhance the light, but will provide freshness to the environments.

For the accessories we will look for more vivid color accessories, but always remember the Mediterranean environments. With this we are talking about colors such as aquamarine, olive green or ocher. And in addition to the colors, we will also take care of the amount of elements, which should never be too many to avoid overloading. The Mediterranean style also needs visual cleansing.

Let’s turn to key materials of the Mediterranean style. For furniture, wood is the star element of the decoration. For the walls, the plaster or stone will be great. And if you also consider changing the floor, terracotta, wood or tiles will be phenomenal.

If you have wooden beamed ceilings, not only should you not hide them, but you have to enhance their effects. As soon as you can place wrought iron details, which will help you create charming corners. Get wrought iron lamps, mirrors, furniture legs, picture frames, etc.

Fresh flowers and colorful houseplants are also more than welcome elements.

Mediterranean Style Models

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