Nordic style

A sober and linear style, a safe bet for simple and unique finishes …

In the universe of design, the culture of northern Europe has been a reference. This is included in the Nordic or Scandinavian style. We will know its keys and the basic principles so that we are able to create an interior following its guidelines.

One of the keys of this style is the union with the natural world. In general, the Nordic style gives off a naturalness that very few other styles are capable of transmitting. The main source of inspiration to create a Nordic-style home must be nature, which already gives us an idea of ​​the star material of this decorative movement: wood.

But when talking about wood we do it in its clearest modalities, being the maple, pine, beech and oak woods the most used. The Nordic style comes from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, and in these regions these woods are very present and are used not only in furniture, but also in decorative accessories.

This style does not appear on stage until the end of the 50s and the late 60s. In those early stages we worked more with Teak wood, rosewood or plywood.

Another key to the Nordic movement in decoration is the simplicity and simplicity of its forms. No figures reloaded or with excessive detail. The shapes are soft and light, and the style that is created is refined and natural. Just what we should look for when acquiring elements for our Nordic interior.

As we see minimalism is closely related to the Scandinavian style. In a Nordic interior simplicity and functionality are not only sought in their furniture, but in the whole in general. In addition the clarity of the wood helps to achieve it. As we can guess, light tones are the true protagonists in this style. The dynamism and the color are introduced in small accessories of intense colors.

Lighting is also essential, and it must be very abundant. The clear tone of the environment helps a lot to achieve it, but still we must maximize the entry of light from outside. So as far as possible do not see the windows or do it with light fabrics of very light tones.

With artificial light we will look for the same, so opt for white and powerful lights, and watch out for creating play of light and shadow that will overshadow the interior.

Nordic Style Models

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