Small Kitchens

To small spaces, great ideas. If the room intended to accommodate your kitchen is smaller than you would like, do not worry, you can also enjoy a comfortable design, equipped, modern and adapted to your needs. The objective is to take advantage of the space: issue of distribution. All Accento Scavolini Bcn kitchens have the particularity of easy combination and modulation, as well as accessories and accessories.

The distribution of a kitchen is always important, but in a small space is key. Online, in parallel, in U … there is no single provision; Your choice will depend on the shape of the plant. One of the options in small kitchens, if the distribution of the walls allow it, are the kitchens integrated into the living room that will make us gain meters. Eliminating partitions helps us gain space and light and achieve versatile stays that become the center of the home. We can also lean towards intermediate solutions, such as sliding doors or glass separations.


The white color and the smooth fronts provide visual lightness and luminosity, finding their counterpoint in dark or textured furniture to highlight areas. Preserve the light, always (and more in small kitchens) by whatever means, creating it or facilitating the passage and reflection.

Natural light is the key to making spaces appear wider. Therefore, when deciding issues such as the distribution or color of furniture, countertops, floors and walls, we must try not only to preserve, but to multiply the luminosity.

White is always a safe bet to achieve this goal, which we can combine with touches of color in accessories or on the countertop. In addition to caring for the diffusion of natural light, we must also carefully study artificial lighting to create a pleasant and functional environment.


If the house receives abundant natural light coming from a terrace, a window or a balcony, it is always an advantage, but if natural lighting sources are not available, we can and should resort to lighting in this order: Ceiling lighting, lighting of countertops and work places, and finally and optionally, lighting inside the cabinets and drawers, lighting above the high furniture as an environment, and lighting the floor with LED strips in the kitchen base.


In any kitchen, and more if the dimensions are small, it is basic and vital to have clear the elements with which we want to build our kitchen. From there, we will deduce the space and necessary areas to facilitate the design so that everything is accessible and can be located at a glance. Not only will we get to work more comfortably, but the space will look bigger. Scavolini furniture, brand of which we are official distributors, offer multiple solutions to have our kitchen ordered and optimize storage spaces.


When designing small spaces in our kitchen, we must provide a clean and orderly environment, eliminating elements that hinder work and ornaments that visually overload the room. The pure lines of the Scavolini furniture, as well as its integration and storage solutions, will allow us to create modern and minimalist kitchens.

At Accento Scavolini Bcn we carry out customized projects, adapting to your space, tastes and needs. If you have a small kitchen and need help to get the most out of it, we will love to help you. Request your appointment here with our team of interior designers.

At Accento SCAVOLINI BCN, we offer you, the direct sale of Scavolini kitchen furniture, without intermediaries. Scavolini kitchens in Barcelona with the style and personality of Italian design. Accento Scavolini Bcn offers the most varied tailored kitchens, with the most varied finishes, together with countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets, all with all the variety of range, type and for all costs. In Barcelona, if you want a kitchen made exclusively for you, without a doubt, in Accento Scavolini BCN we are your ally. You know, we are in Barcelona and we reach any corner of Catalunya.

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