Vintage style

The style for those who love the past but only the best of it …

If you think that past generations were better than this one and want to capture it inside your home, the vintage style is undoubtedly what you were looking for. Because this decorative style makes a nod to the past decades, using elements that go from the 30’s to the end of the 80’s.

If you have arrived at this article, it is because you are interested in knowing the keys of this decorative style, so we will tell you about them so you can create a little corner of the past in your home, creating a warm and romantic space, something own of these retro environments.

The color is key when creating a decorative atmosphere, so let’s know the key tones in the vintage style. The base of these spaces should be light colors, white being the ideal. We will introduce the delicacy into the furniture and accessories, in which we will opt for pastel shades. You can choose the colors you want on their most pastel sides, but never use more than three.

In addition to the solid colors you can opt for the forms, being the flower prints the real artists. How to introduce these floral prints? Mainly in accessories such as cushions, curtains, covers, although a white wallpaper with floral details in pastel colors will be a complement full of elegance and sweetness.

For furniture, it uses the old style of past decades. You can choose the curves and color of the 70s-80s, the stately style of the French style furniture “Louis XIV” or you can simply focus your decoration on some classic elements you have at home, like old radios or 60s TVs, and from these elements create a decoration based on them.

The key is to mix elements from past decades, introduce even some contemporary elements, but never abuse them. But the combination of vintage elements with current ones (as long as they combine well) gives you the possibility to find items both in decoration stores and in antique shops or restaurateurs. When choosing current elements you should look for models whose design is inspired by past trends using modern materials.

The key as we see is knowing how to combine the comfort of the modern with the style of the classic, adapting these classic objects to current needs, giving them functionality without losing their “essence”.

A good example of this is a very good idea to create your vintage atmosphere, and is to use chairs, armchairs or even classic sofas and line them with modern fabrics. The result is lovely and will give the space a very personal touch, you’ll see.

Vintage Style Models

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