Exterior Design, Landscaping & Gardens


diseño fachadas

We make renovation projects or restoration of facades through the modernization of these to create something new, or restore these facades to recover their original condition.

Swimming pools

If your project for this year is to build a pool and you need to find advice and whoever carries out your project, we will take care of everything, from its construction, to the previous 3D design so you can see how your pool will look.

Outdoor lighting


We carry out lighting projects with assembly plans, detail and technical legend, light calculations, technical sheets of the projected products, detailed measurement chart and estimated economic valuation, quality memory with specifications adapted to the Technical Code. We give full support and support to the optional management, in the design, development and execution of the projects until they reach their success.

Vegetable Covers

Vegetable roofs, also known as green roofs, are those cover surfaces, totally or partially occupied by vegetation. With this method an optimal thermal insulation is achieved, making the houses warm in winter and cool in summer, in addition to collaborating with the Ecology and Sustainability of the area.

Landscaping & Gardening

Our garden designs convey unique sensations and awaken the senses. That is because when we make a garden we think of it as professionals of green and space.

Vegetable Walls

muros vegetales

This latest design trend, decorate vertical spaces with plants, whether natural or artificial, to highlight a perhaps unwanted space. We have experience in the design of this type of tapestries with a great variety of combinations and possibilities.



Both at a particular and more extensive level, good design and quality of materials always prevail. Wood, aluminum, fabric, stone, or steel, imagination and combinations have no limit.

Outdoor Furniture

mobiliario exterior

All types of outdoor furniture, from sofas, armchairs, sunbeds, outdoor tables, tables and chairs for outdoor dining rooms, steel wood, cast iron, or glass. Consult our wide range of Outdoor Furniture suppliers, visit us.

Garden Complements

accesorios jardin

All kinds of elements to finish decorating your garden fleeing the classic elements manufactured in series. Essence burners, sun loungers, hammocks, lanterns, outdoor blankets …

In the same way that interior design plays an essential role in a property, by providing a space with functionality and personality, exterior design also plays a capital role in the general configuration of any space, both aesthetically and functionally, as for example it happens with the landscaped spaces.

That is the reason why in Accento we have our own department focused exclusively on exterior design and landscaping, carrying out all kinds of projects aimed at improving the appearance of exterior doors.

Changes of face that often begin with the renovation or restoration of the facade of a building of a sole proprietorship, whether it is to modernize it, or if it is to get it to recover its original face after the passage of time.

Housing reform with garden and pool in Barcelona and Girona
In the case of homes that have an outdoor space, we help design and build swimming pools that are perfectly integrated into their environment by presenting the owners with different 3D designs that show the final result before starting the work and that can be modified in search of your ideal pool.

The houses with exteriors also need a good lighting project that allows tenants to get the most out of every meter their home has. That is the reason why we make designs with assembly plans, detail and technical legend, light calculations, detailed measurement tables and detailed estimates of energy expenditure in search of the perfect home.

In Accento we also have professional landscape designers capable of creating unique environments both by designing gardens adapted to the tastes of the owners and decorating the vertical spaces with plants or using green roofs or green roofs in which the vegetation acts as the best thermal insulation that the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as sustainable.

We also help owners create new spaces outside their home, such as garages, storage rooms or barbecues, offering countless designs and alternatives in which we integrate the best materials, whether they choose a design with stone, with cement, with steel or any other material.

As in addition to the work to achieve a perfect exterior it is necessary to have furniture designed to beautify these areas, in Accento we offer sofas, armchairs, sun loungers, chairs, tables and all kinds of furniture made of steel, cast iron, or glass, just as It can be seen in the Outdoor Furniture section of our website.

Finally, in search of getting that exterior 10 for your home in Accento we have all countless decoration elements that go far beyond the typical ones that offer in the large surfaces by having suppliers of first macas in both outdoor furniture and in lighting elements, as well as all kinds of accessories created to beautify open spaces.