Interior Design Projects in Barcelona & Girona


creando hogares interiorismo

Interior design is the art and science of making the best of each room, taking advantage of each particularity to enhance an environment. We love these types of challenges, and more if it is to make your home a warm and comfortable space.

Commercial Premises

interiorismo locales comerciales

We also carry out interior design projects and comprehensive reforms in commercial premises. Highlight each space according to its characteristics without losing sight of its practicality and usability along with the corporativity.

Hotels & Suites

interiorismo hoteles

We offer a global service, from beginning to end, taking care of each stage of the process and controlling and managing all the documentation and regulations required by the meticulous reform processes in hotel spaces.


interiorismo restaurantes

A good design of your business premises will help you increase sales and retain your customers. Request more information and we will explain how we can help you. In the restoration and gastronomy everything comes first by sight.


interiorismo oficinas

We are specialists in implementation, rehabilitation and renovation of offices and corporate buildings. We deal fully with the process, from design to final execution,


interiorismo despachos

If you need to decorate or reform your depeche and do not know where to start, if you have an idea of the style you want to capture in your workspace, we are specialized in giving that touch to get an office depeche with its own personality.

So that any integral reform of a house ends up being a success, it is so important to be clear about the needs that are wanted to be covered and determine a budget such as putting yourself in the hands of a specialist company that is capable of moving everything we have in mind to the property .
Although there are many companies that are responsible for making housing reforms in Barcelona and Girona, not all have their own team of experts capable of carrying out interior design projects for all types of homes. Something that Accento does count on, a company with extensive experience making the most of each room in search of results that are both warm and comfortable.

Interior design that, understood as the art and technique of designing and decorating the interior spaces of all types of real estate, is also usually applied, in addition to housing, in commercial premises. Places, these, in which it is especially necessary the work of those professionals who know how to get the maximum practicality and usability to each space taking into account both what these are going to be used for and the personality of who will use them in search of the total satisfaction of the entrepreneur.

One objective is to make every property owner feel 100% satisfied, which requires total communion between reformers, interior designers and clients. That is the reason why in Accento we give a major importance to communication between all parties, informing those who place their trust in us in each and every one of the stages of the reform process and showing maximum diligence in everything related to the documentation management and regulations of each reform.

It is when the bureaucratic issues end when it begins with the elaboration of an action plan agreed with the client that details even the smallest detail of the work that is going to be done in the space to be reformed, whether it is a property as of a commercial space.

In the case of the latter, and especially in those that are going to develop hospitality activities, it is important to have a team of expert designers who know how to help the entrepreneur to convert a place, not only in the best space to work , but in the most conducive to attract customers, build loyalty and, ultimately, get the highest number of sales.

That is the reason why more and more businessmen from Barcelona and Girona opt for Accento when it comes to reforming the interior of their commercial premises, knowing that we have the most experienced interior designers and with all the necessary tools to help you in your business project. Because in Accento we are experts in rehabilitation and renovation of commercial premises, offices and corporate buildings designing and carrying out the work that your project needs.

That is why, if you need to reform your home, your office, your commercial premises or your restaurant or decorate it and you need experts to guide you to transform your idea into reality, contact us since we are looking forward to hearing how we can help you.