Reform of a duplex apartment

When reforming a duplex apartment you can perform the usual works, such as painting, changing floors, or renovating the kitchen and bathroom. Doing this type of work helps to completely change the appearance of the house.

One of the most frequent reforms in a duplex apartment has to do with the rooms. It seeks to maximize space.

Many of these apartments are designed for couples with one or two children and have several small bedrooms at the top. But sometimes the house is occupied by only one couple or a couple with only one child.

Turning all these bedrooms into just two with its own independent bathroom and its built-in wardrobe is a very grateful work that allows you to have much more space and greater privacy.

On the floor where the kitchen is a common work is to form a unique and spacious space that is kitchen, dining room and living room.

The integral reform of an entire floor is usually very grateful because when playing with a complete floor of the property very lucid and modern effects are achieved, such as kitchens on the island or dining rooms that adapt to the shape of the house.

You may also want to reform your home due to mobility problems. If this is your case, you can consider installing an elevator or some similar system, such as stair lift. Today there are facilities that take up little space and do not have to damage the aesthetics of your home. Of course, you will have to keep maintenance costs on track.

Finally, it is quite common to want to replace all facilities. In this way we seek to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Dare to innovate with your duplex apartment
Generally, the classic two-storey duplex apartment has the kitchen, dining room and living area at the bottom, while the rooms are on the upper upper floor.

This is very good if your apartment is the last of all, as it guarantees that the bedrooms will be perfectly isolated.

But, in some cases, the entire building is made up of duplex houses and there you find that just above your rooms are the living room, dining room and kitchen of the neighbor above. If your schedules are not similar it can be a great inconvenience.

Why not give your apartment a spin and place the bedrooms on the lower floor? In this way it will be your own room that is on top and you will save a lot of noise.

No matter how you want to carry out the reform of your duplex; The important thing is your comfort and that the result is exactly as desired. And in Accento Reformas Integrales de Barcelona, ​​we help you get what you want.

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